Monday, June 21, 2010

Thursday, June 03, 2010


beachy friends trip

mothers day--a lazy pj morning full of creme brulee french toast, the nyt and Young Victoria viewing.

bike riding and crashing

and of course, the eternal begging for her own room

Friday, February 26, 2010

my friend linney

As the saying goes... everybody loves Linney. And on this fine day of her birth I would like to share my love for Lindsay Waters the III by posting some of my favorite pics of this good person, dear friend and "sports buddy."

Remarkably, young Linnah was able to stay humble and real despite bring raised in the upper echelons of Mapleton society...

although an occasional stylish portrait was allowed for posterity sake.

Winston served as a loyal companion. You are missed Winston.

During high school, Lindsay was able to balance the rigors of SHS's fiercely demanding academic classes and an active social calendar with ease.

Also during high school I flirted with her boyfriends (except the italian gangster) and she later kissed my would be hubby (or so he claims). Remember these offensive shirts?

There was a short hermit-ish time at USU as roommates.
Then the European motley crew.

We even tried to end all our woes with a Nutella suicide. I'm so glad we didn't succeed and I can be here to wish you a fabulous 33.
Happy Birthday good buddy!


wants to...
listen exclusively to David Bowie tunes
be home schooled so she can properly focus on her writing, costume designing, composing & singing
be a vegetarian (except for bacon, pepperoni and steak)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

little boo

thankful for...
hand-me-down cowgirl boots from good friends
dancey little girls

Monday, February 15, 2010

my valentines

This weekend we celebrated...

a record amount of Dallas snow

Tess's b-day (a month and a half after the date)
6 layers of love cake
Some people have birthday cake because they have kids but I have kids so I have more excuses for birthday cake. Heidi helped me with this one, she made the two strawberry layers and the delish fresh strawberry-butter-cream-cheese frosting. I made the dark chocolate and vanilla layers and polished off a large jar of Nutella lathering between each layer.
& a valentiney-Beatles-luv-themed concert in Deep Ellum
Tess as the vocals and playing the keyboard for "She's a Woman" by the Beatles. She was especially awesome.
The final valentine's note, this weekend Tom and I were playing Catch Phrase with some friends, (boys against girls) when his teammate gave the clue "this is what your wife does to you." Tom immediately rattled off "belittle, berate, humiliate." I'm still laughing over this as his intial reaction to what I do to him...but despite the belittlement I think Tom is hot and he is my favorite valentine.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

sisterly affection

Nearly every evening, when it is time to turn out the lights, Tess becomes very chatty and begins reciting her reflections on the day as well as any latent fears of natural disasters, future travel plans and declarations of well know facts (e.g., jets are faster than passenger planes). While Tess lists her worries out loud, Adelle is always shouting out from across the room the unsolicited solution to whatever is vexing Tess. Last night, Tess was telling me how much she misses me in the middle of the school day and how hard it is to wait four whole hours once she is feeling that way.

me--"Ahhh I miss you too honey, but I'm so proud of how well you are doing in school and we can be together and read a book or play the wii right when school is out okay."

Tess--"Can you get a job at the school and be my teacher? Then you could be there when I need you, the other kids wouldn't make fun of me or bother me if you were there.

Adelle--(laying in her bed, causally) "Tess just tell 'em to go to hell...(turning over on her side, back towards me and Tess, yawning) that's where they're going anyways if they make fun of you."

me-- (mouth open staring at the back of Adelle's head)

Tess--(continues, as usual, ignores her little sister's advice) I've tried to be friends with everyone they just don't like me.

Adelle--(sits up in her bed, one hand gesturing towards Tess) Teeeessssss! There is always hope Tess...there is always hope.

They wanted their own beds sooo much but most nights I find them cuddled up in one


Adelle's been making a lot of potions lately, which means she gets in the cupboard and spice jars and mixes whatever with whatever until her potion bottle is good and muddy. Yesterday I found her shoulder deep in the unsweetened cocoa powder rubbing it all over her arms and legs...
me--"Adelle! What are you doing?!"
Deli-- "Mom, don't you looove how chocolate feels on your skin?! It's sooo soft. I know I made a mess but I love it, it feels sooo good!"

I teared up realizing just how mother-and-daugthery we are.