Monday, December 25, 2006

Feliz Navidad


We started our Christmas morning out early with Deli throwing up a few times. Tess re-woke us up at 8:00 with a "hey, there's a trampoline out my window" and so the unwrapping began. Boo remained completely uninterested in Christmas--despite Roo's efforts to involve her--until a Tinkerbelle lamp from Granda brought her back to consciousness. Here's a Christmas video to sum up our day as well as a glimpse back at last Christmas in Austin.

Once again, in yet another attempt to lure kindred food loving spirits to visit, I'm posting our Christmas Eve feast menu
Bourbon brown sugar pecan encrusted salmon
Brussel Sprouts with crisp proscuitto
Habenero roasted potatoes

Sparkling pomegranate juice
and lots of bread smeared with nutella
(thanks to Dona, thank you, thank you, thank you)

This is one of my favorite photos of my mom. We added a little something extra to her wassail that made her an especially fun Christmas guest. Cheers!