Tuesday, April 24, 2007

okay...bear with me

It's been a little while since I blogged--I told myself tonight is the night, I am going sit down and catch up before our blog ends up like our wedding thank-you cards and so many other undone things. So here is a speedy review of the last month and a half.

First of all I had a fabulous girls weekend March 16th-17th with some of my dearly missed Austin friends. We met in Seabrook, Texas on Friday night and went out to eat, had a sleepover, ran a 1/2 marathon and caught a movie before driving the four hours back to Dallas on Saturday.
before the race, 6:30 am

Emily and I ran together the whole way (except the last 1/4 of mile when I opted to walk) Katharine's adrenaline was pumpin' and within the first 1/2 mile she was off and ahead of us for the remainder of the race. Rachel was our much appreciated support and photographer.

this is my favorite pic of Katharine

so happy to be finished

Next... much adored visitors

My Dad and step-mom came out to visit us. Their visit coincided with Deli's b-day, so we went out for Mexican food to celebrate.

Unfortunately, during my Dad's visit, Tom was a non-existent zombie. He was in the middle of a two week working streak that required him to work every night until at least 1 am with a couple 3 ams, 4ams and an all-nighter thrown in. Notwithstanding his absence, I remained sane enough to enjoy the visit. We are thankful for all of the help around the house and in the yard! Our neighbors keep talking about that gregarious young man who so cheerfully mowed and edged our front lawn. My neighbor Ross has since told me at least 5 times how much my dad is just the sort of person he likes to talk to (and Ross is no stranger to gab).

Then...miracle of all miracles,...a Skousen sibling visit. Good brother Grant came out for Easter weekend. We feed him kettle chips and home-made cookies and the girls even allowed him out of their sight long enough for Grant to run around the lake.

At Church, our sunday school president introduced Grant to the class as my father. Grant responded "ohhh........thanks" then began moaning and recoiled into a fetal-like position--too bad running 40 plus miles a week couldn't keep such vibrant red hair from fading (I'm sure that is the only reason my otherwise ever so youthful 40 something brother could be mistaken for a 30 year old's father). Anyway, I took him to the Nasher Sculpture Center to cheer him up.

The girls love Uncle Grant. He jumped on the trampoline, applauded their dramatic creative dance interpretations, read Fancy Nancy to them multiple times and then complemented them on their "fanciness." It was evident that a home life full of 3 teenagers had increased Grant's capacity to enjoy the younger generation and we are happier for it. When Grant drove away Adelle squeezed my face and told me "Uncle Grant is my favorite." Thanks for fixing our computer Grant, sorry we didn't get to the Kimball or the Modern...next time. We miss you!

hanging out at the Dallas Arboretum

Next... Tom and Pam, Tom's parents, were just with us last weekend. We had such a great, relaxing time--at least it was relaxing for me. Tom and his dad stayed busy planting flowers and powerwashing/staining the deck. I got to talk to Pam and play with the girls but most importantly I got to kick back and watch the girls loving their time with Granda and Papa. Thank you Tom and Pam for a wonderful weekend, we are all so glad you could come.

I love this picture

we headed over to enjoy the arboretum together

Pam brought us three plants from their garden: a forsythia, some lavender, and a type of black-eyed susan. I hope that these plants can survive our summers. I am so excited about having a little piece of familial Utah garden love right here in our own piece of Texas. This leads right into my most recent distraction and justification for negligent blogging...our yard and garden. It feels like you can grow anything here and I'm loving it.

About 2 months ago we had a gal come out from the local nursery to help us identify our existing plants and give us a heads up on gardening in Texas. Per her instructions, we spent two Saturdays pruning, weeding and cleaning up in general. Next, we had 3 cubic yards of compost and 3 cubic yards of mulch delivered by dump truck and spent a few days spreading compost on everything, including the lawn. We then mulched the beds and under the swing in back. I found some kids size shovels and rakes for the girls and they worked with us and ran around outside finding bugs and naming them (all caterpillars are named Sylvia). I am sooo caught up in this beautiful season and living it with my girls.

Deli in the garden

I think our oak leaf hydrangea is my current favorite plant, just getting ready to break out

the girls pick at least one rose off this climber everyday.

sun drops--great hardy perennial that will bloom bright all summer into the fall



my favorite shade loving vine that I pruned back to life. I love pruning! Joe, I finally understand your addictive habit.

our much loved Japanese Maple

mulch land under the swing

Tess in some roses at the arboretum