Friday, November 24, 2006

Turkey Lurkey

Yeah visitors!
Nevy, Burke, Maya and Kaleb (our next door neighbors in Austin) drove up to have Thanksgiving with us. They would have been our first visitors from Austin had Katharine and Joesph and co. not stopped by on the way to visit family two days earlier. Anyway, it has been fun to see everybody and our girls couldn't be happier.

Here's the menu (in hopes to lure more food loving friends and family to come visit us next thanksgiving or sooner):
wild mushroom sherried soup
honey basil carrots
chipotle pecan green beans
parker rolls
venison pork and bison pork sausage with sweet peppers and purple onions
rustic potatoes
red pear, almond and wild rice stuffing
Herb-Rubbed Turkey
and for sweetness sake, all from scratch
NY cheesecake
Tom's apple love nut pie
and pumpkin pie

At the end of it all even my eye balls felt chubby, and I swore myself to an anorexic life--which ended this morning with nutella laden pancakes. Before falling asleep last night Tom's last remark was a question--"Why did you have to make the kids dress like pilgrims and indians for dinner?" Anyone who knows my mom knows I was just following my enduringly bizarre genetic impulses.