Sunday, August 10, 2008

the final count down....nah nah nah... nah nah nah nah

We are down to one week until school and although there are days I look forward to actually getting stuff done, I'm not feeling quite ready to have the girls gone. The summer has slipped by too fast. Of course I've had my numerous maxed out moments but overall I love being with my girls. What can I say, they crack me up. Also, Tom and I crack up ourselves up making fun of them. I know that sounds cruel but I just read a credible parenting book that said it's good for kids to go through trials so I figure we are just building character.

So to help me cope with the upcoming separation I've somewhat planned an exciting countdown week.

Sunday -- The Kimbell
We took the girls over to the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth to see a fabuloso impressionist exhibit the museum is hosting.
This sculpture is entitled "woman speaking publicly"

While walking around looking at the artwork I tried to sound smart by pointing out to Tess the basic info that I could read next to the paintings.

Me: Tess this is a Monet.
Tess: I know mom.
Me: Really? How did you know that?
Tess: I'm a wizard, I told you.

These pics were taken in a large metal sculpture outside the Modern (right next to the Kimbell). We had fun with the acoustics of this place--every clap, stomp, or hoot was very loud.

For family night Adelle and I tried to get Tess to smile.

Monday -- Olympics
The Olympics have inspired a flurry of activity; hall sprints, table dismounts, wall handstands, etc... The best is probably the commentary from the girls. Whatever we are watching Adelle asks within the first 2 seconds, "How do you win this one Mom?" Tess loves to comment on her ability to match whatever we are viewing and if she realizes she can't quite make her case she just comes up with arbitrary reasons why the Olympians can do things she can't.
For example, while we were watching the Chinese men do their floor routines I was saying something like "Wow! Isn't that amazing? How do they do so many flips and twists?"
Tess replied, "Mom, they are wearing socks, it is much easier when you are wearing socks. I don't have any socks like that, so...." (pending little white bootie socks, Tess can perform triple back twists--but you have to come visit us to see it)

Tuesday-- nothing fun

Wednesday-- Burger's Lake
We headed back over to our sister city to the sandy beaches and fresh spring water of Burger's Lake. The rusty-super-springy-diving boards and the"you might die going down this slide, we are not responsible" sign takes me back to a simpler time. Our summer party included my friend Cynthia, her three boys, myself , my girls and two more friends. I wish I had Cynthia take a pic of me going off the TRAPEZE. That's right, they had a trapeze! It swung out onto the lake with about a ten foot drop. I was the annoying parent/friend who left Cynthia to watch all 15 kids so I could discuss trapeze technique with the other 9 and 10 year olds waiting in the trapeze line. And yes I was the only adult vulgerly yelling at her kids and their friends "WATCH ME, WATCH MEEEEEE!" each time before I fell into the water with my toes perfectly pointed.




Dante off the high dive. This kid is hilarious, each time after he jumped he would bob up and breathlessly say "that was scary!" I love this picture of him.

Adelle with Tess hanging below
Cynthia and the kids


This is Austin, he was pretty much done with swimming when I took this picture. Imagine a city so great that once people have lived there they name their cute kids after it.

I LOVE burger's lake. This was the first time we had gone thanks to a tip from a savvy Dallasite, our very own Heidi. I'm going back by myself so I can have more uninterrupted trapeze time.
FINALLY a reason to visit Texas in August!

Thursday-- School clothes shopping (never again with kids)
Friday-- no funness
Saturday-- Clone wars with Dad
According to Tom, barely bearable "Lucas has lost his mind."
Sunday--Cedar Hill State Park & the "would you rather" game

We ventured the 20 minute drive to stroll around a state park because...

it was 80 degrees!
In august!
Unbelievable, we had to be outside to celebrate.
Almost every time we are in the car we have started playing this new simple "would you rather" game my friend introduced me to. It started innocently enough ,"Adelle, would you rather go swimming or play soccer?" but was morphed by Tom into a more gruesome sport, "Tess, would you rather eat lizard guts or fish eyes?" The girls love the new unwholesome version. When it was Adelle's turn her alternatives were, "Dad, would you rather cry olives or sweat fire?" That's a tough one. I can't remember all the choices after that. I know there was one about eating monkey brains and another "would you rather sweat cheese or cry pickles..." We take our cues from the Adam's Family. Quality family time is important to us.