Sunday, June 17, 2007

good brother Gerry

I'm happy to say that we have been graced with another sibling visit from my side of the family. My brother Gerry flew into town to take us out to eat before he had to drive to Oklahoma City for some business. It was a short visit but we'll count it. Unfortunately I'm short on pics from the visit which really works out better for everyone because I can use some old photos of Gerry to illustrate this post. And I'm happy to take this opportunity to make fun of him like he has so lovingly made fun of me my whole life.

oouuuuuuhhhhhh! Check it out! This is back in the glory days, Gerry could barely keep the women at bay. I mean seriously who wouldn't want to make out with a guy in tight jeans and a rainbow sweater, riding a sexy black motorcycle. Way to work it Gerry! hot.

You can't really see it in this picture, but my left arm is in a cast from a break that occurred when I fell out of a tree. Unfortunately, going to the doctor conflicted with Gerry's intramural football playoff game. Since he was in charge of me at the time I was forced to go to the game, watch, learn and "be a man" about my pain. Although it was difficult as an 8 year old to appreciate this learning moment, I'm glad I toughed it out. I can now thank Gerry for the character I was able to develop as I tried to sleep that night with my un-casted broken arm. Thanks good brother.

Here's another good one. Gerry's wearing a nice flannel, not-as-tight jeans, and some cowboy boots even though he is not...
living on a farm/ranch,
visiting a farm/ranch,
country dancing, or cow tipping


Not to much to make fun of here. Gerry really has been an attentive, sweet, involved and caring brother. Oh, I thought of is a photo back when Gerry was taller then me (okay, we're the same height). Love through sarcasm, one of many good things you've taught me.
I love you!
The girls loved getting to play the piano and dance with uncle Gerry!
Thanks for the visit!

Happy Father's Day!

me and my Dad--by Tess