Saturday, March 03, 2007

spring ice cream festival

This last week we've been celebrating spring by planting flowers and having daily ice cream cones at random places.

Click here for our ode to spring video

The weather has put me in such a good mood, I even made dinner for Tom. The girls helped by setting the table out on the deck.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

more swinging

March is such a lovely time to visit Texas :-)

Paris Texas

Another fab find in the big D. The Dallas Museum of Art (one of the top ten MOAs in the country for kidos) has a wonderful kids area and we just happened to hit it on a day and time when no one else was there, so we had the whole place to ourselves.

Right outside the kids area is this incredible courtyard that was abandoned as well that day, so the girls played hide and seek while I pretended I was in Paris. I'm genetically disposed to creating my own realities, so if I can find an appropiate place that I can imagine myself frolicking in Paris with my two babes, I'm almost there.

spring mania parte dos

So I didn't paint the bathroom last week, I have the paint and everything--I just lack the courage. Instead I decided to go ballistic on the garage and hauled all this stuff to the curb for big bulk trash pickup day. My studio is almost up and running. I'm careful not to bump the walls while I'm working so that the whole thing doesn't cave in on me.

and this is what Deli did the whole time I slaved away