Thursday, August 23, 2007

are you going to miss me?

School is on. This is a warm up week. Normally Roo will go to school all day and Boo in the mornings, but this week is different. Roo is going only in the mornings and Delnard is going only in the afternoons for an hour and a half. It's a nice way to let the kids adjust. Anyway last week the girls were getting ready for school by asking each other repeatedly, "are you going to miss me?" Tess has also been staging her arrival welcome..."Deli you will stand back in the kitchen and run with your arms open to me, and say 'Teeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss I missed you soooo much!' and then you will hug me and I will pick you up and tell you about my day."

one of four final hugs before Roo heads out the door on day #1
"I will wait for you right here Tess" --Deli

"Did you know that I'm 5 and a HALF!"--Tess

Delanor with her plant to take care of for her class

Deli bounced off to class as Tess cried, "I don't want to leave Deli!"

Right after Roo was done with school she decided to take a whack at her hair for the first time in her life. She cut her bangs to a stubble and then took a chunk off one side to about chin length.

When I told her she was making her beautiful hair ugly by cutting it she marched right off to her room to write me some hate mail. That's me with the x slashed across my face.

Supercuts tried to hide the hacks without removing any length (as per Tess's instruction)

So here she is in her first ever 80's rocker Tess Mullet

Tess did finally come to her senses and realized what a fabulous Madre I am. She wrote me this sweet "sorry" note to make up for the previous hate mail.

The first day of school proved to be yet another day to explore a range of emotions and dramatic endeavors. Something that I will probably strangely miss until about 3pm Monday-Friday.

Monday, August 20, 2007

you talkin' to me.....

give it up for Cinderfella in the middle

I wonder if any of the Princesses in Disneyland need a 5 year old bouncer.