Saturday, September 30, 2006

the big D

Our first full week in Dallas has been a busy one. The girls have been exploring their backyard and have a dozen or so mosquito bite battle wounds. My Mom has been here helping us with our move and has managed to call for some manner of daily celebration that involves ice cream or nutella iced cookies with sprinkles--the girls couldn't be happier. We discovered the Dallas Arboretum--that is just under a mile from our house (potential visitors could enjoy a brisk walk by the lake to the Arboretum or we would be happy to drive potential visitors there )--66 acres of gardens with; 13 tree houses, 8 pioneer kid-sized playhouse, hills to roll down, concerts, storytelling, ballet, kindermusik, etc... It is simply a beautiful place to be. We have a neighbor with 8 cats. At least 4 of the cats hangout on our front porch while the others sleep on top of our fence. The girls love waking up in the morning and seeing a cat snoozing outside their window. I've found meaning in cleaning, something about owning a house makes me want to clean, it is the oddest urge. I love...I mean really love my dishwasher and my garbage disposal.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Goodbye Austin

It’s been a week since we left Austin and our carefree life behind. Today I was talking to a new friend and when I mentioned how sad we were to leave student housing she started to laugh. I felt a wave of student housing snobbery come over me. We will miss all our dear friends the casual evenings sitting outside watching the kids play and talking about movies, politics and the superiority of Mexican Coca-Cola.