Monday, June 13, 2011

play by play of a summer day

Oh summer you have been so good to us.

We had a great Monday. I slipped out of bed at 8:45 this morning and the girls were still snoozing. What?! Yes! They are usually elbow deep in a pint of ice cream (they have short fore arms, don't mock them) with two episodes of the Cosby Show under their belt by the time I roll out, so today, I woke up feeling like a truly successful parent. I got ready in a flash and was nothing but smiles when our neighbor-gem-of-a-babysitter Clara showed up at 9 to feed, discipline and play tag with the girls while I went to work for a bit and lunch with Tom at an upscale Subway by the juvenile detention center. When I got home the girls and our beloved Clara surprised me with a clean living room and kitchen and a bundt cake decorated with blue sprinkles and candles arranged in the shape of a 4 and a 1. I was slightly confused and hurt that they thought it was my birthday and more importantly that they thought I was 41--but hey, it's cake, so I was over it and ready for my slice when Tess explained that it was a Mavs cake and the 41 was in honor of Dirk. So we had cake and ice cream for lunch (my second lunch) and the girls detailed the fun they had without me; Skyping with Granda, Eva and Ben, working the surprise, math workbooks, candyland marathons etc... We walked Clara home and took some cake over to our other much loved neighbor Rodney and relished in the flow of an easy summer day. So good.

The rest of the afternoon was spent swimming and at music lessons. Tess learned a new song, Separate Ways by Journey. Adelle and Tess spent the evening dramatically dancing to that very same song on repeat as Tom and I cooked up some burgers and my new favorite salad copied from a restaurant we went to last Saturday (arugula, beets, oranges, and goat cheese all tossed with a lemon vinaigrette--yum). For family night, we watched God in America while playing Set. When the girls went off to bed Tom and I caught a little Daily Show and then Tom finally dozed off while I made it my mission to end the Frida Kahlo eyebrow thing I've had going on this last week.
The days are so full and so good.