Thursday, February 22, 2007


I recently had the best chocolate of my life so I thought I'd share the good news. I've never tasted anything like this milk chocolate, absolute perfection. The dark chocolate is like eating earth--that my not sound appetizing at first but image you are Adam or Eve walking around with your fig leaves the day after everything was created and you pick up a piece of soil, the dark kind of earth that is so rich you could grow anything in it--that is what this chocolate is like. Don't let the name fool you, it is made in Berkley CA. I've never felt so strongly about a piece of chocolate I just had to tell everyone I love about it (no I am not selling it--but maybe I should).
There is a story behind this chocolate. On Valentines day Tom called me to see if my v-day present had arrived, it hadn't, so he told me what it was over the phone. I was so shocked by the perfect gift he had chosen for me that in my awe I became speechless which Tom unfortunately interpreted as disappointment. So we hung up and the next time he calls it is 8:30pm and he is at Central Market (a high end grocery store, with mountains of sinfully yummy stuff), because his "bus took a wrong turn"--Central Market is nowhere by his bus route--and he needs a ride home. We go and pick him up and when we get to him he is meekly holding a variety of chocolates in hands. Come to find out, once he got of the phone with me and thought I was disappointed by his fabulous gift he took a cab to Central Market to get me some chocolate--so sweet--the funny part is that he asked the cab driver to wait for him while he shopped, which he didn't, and when he tried to call me on his cell phone to get a ride, the battery went dead, which presented another problem--Tom would have to remember his own phone number, which he couldn't. Luckily he did remember how to spell his last name and the phone book came in handy for that. And this story is what made it my best valentines day ever. Thank you Toad

Sunday, February 18, 2007

my mania

So I've been driving myself crazy with a billion little home projects/ideas pinging around in my head and finally this week I completed a minor thing and hung something on our living room walls.

I love these pics of the googles and having this one little nook of the house done has brought me at least a days worth of peace.

Also presenting an original Ansel Grant Adams Skousen in the kitchen. I love love this photo Grant, and who knows with all the people in high places I have roaming through my kitchen and this fine blog, you are sure to be a famous photoman in no time.

and happy day, we finally got the swing up--Roo loves it, Delberd....not so much. Check out the video here

This week I plan to paint a bathroom and hang some more photos in the hall. Also we decided since it will be awhile until we can tear down the garage, I'm going to make a play house out of the side room and turn the garage part into a studio. I'll do some before and after pics soon.

Here are some shots of the girls favorite part of the house, the hall. They love getting all garbed up and being chased down the hall by anyone, but especially their dad.

Luke and Lea here--Roo has convinced Deli to enthusiastically play her male cross dressing counterpart in any and all pretend sequences. Delnard hops about in her gowns yelling "I'm Luke," "I'm Wesley," "I'm Jafar," or "I'm Micheal"

piano recital

Roo had her first piano recital today. We played a duet, the "First Waltz" by somebody Meir with three other parent/child couples. Roo played fabulously and made some new friends from Cambodia.
Here is the video ...sort of... you'll see