Friday, February 26, 2010

my friend linney

As the saying goes... everybody loves Linney. And on this fine day of her birth I would like to share my love for Lindsay Waters the III by posting some of my favorite pics of this good person, dear friend and "sports buddy."

Remarkably, young Linnah was able to stay humble and real despite bring raised in the upper echelons of Mapleton society...

although an occasional stylish portrait was allowed for posterity sake.

Winston served as a loyal companion. You are missed Winston.

During high school, Lindsay was able to balance the rigors of SHS's fiercely demanding academic classes and an active social calendar with ease.

Also during high school I flirted with her boyfriends (except the italian gangster) and she later kissed my would be hubby (or so he claims). Remember these offensive shirts?

There was a short hermit-ish time at USU as roommates.
Then the European motley crew.

We even tried to end all our woes with a Nutella suicide. I'm so glad we didn't succeed and I can be here to wish you a fabulous 33.
Happy Birthday good buddy!


wants to...
listen exclusively to David Bowie tunes
be home schooled so she can properly focus on her writing, costume designing, composing & singing
be a vegetarian (except for bacon, pepperoni and steak)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

little boo

thankful for...
hand-me-down cowgirl boots from good friends
dancey little girls