Monday, August 27, 2007

birthday fun

So, I'm terrible at b-day stuff. Not as bad as my dad, but I'm certainly a disappointment compared to my mom. She produces small off-Broadway musicals for each family member on their big day. But since my sister Dona and brother Grant share the same b-day (with a six year age difference) it's easy to remember.

Look how nice they were to me. They both really are some of my favorite people and they have always been so good to me. But for the few times they weren't so nice to me, I've decided for their birthdays, to forgive them. Dona I forgive you for shaving the sides of my head when I already an extremely awkward looking 2nd grader. Grant I forgive you for repeatedly fracturing my ribs when you thought you were just tickling me. Anyway, I hope you both have a great day! I love you!

And since Grant is soooo old today, he gets an extra birthday treat. About a month ago when I was in Utah I got to run a 1/2 marathon, mostly behind my speedy, 17 years-older-than-me, brother.

If Grants looks more energetic then me that is because he waited and rested for 25 minutes before jumping back in at the finish line to run with me for our photo opt.

So my second birthday treat to you Grant is an admission that...even at your age, you are faster than me...putting all my geriatic intestinal issues aside.

Hiking around outside of Bryce Canyon after the race. Look at those cool purple shades, you are so John Lennon. Peace brother.

happy birthday!