Friday, February 26, 2010


wants to...
listen exclusively to David Bowie tunes
be home schooled so she can properly focus on her writing, costume designing, composing & singing
be a vegetarian (except for bacon, pepperoni and steak)


Dona said...

and chicken hearts. Those were her favorite at Tucano's, a place which I imagine is a vegetarian's version of hell. Tess seemed pretty happy there. I love her picture, documentation that you are, indeed, teaching her to spray paint on dead cadillacs.

Tonia said...

Too bad Eliora and Tess don't live closer. Eli hates doing her math and wants to specifically focus on writing and art when homeschooling and is still an adamant vegetarian except bacon ever since Rachel Smith told her in Joy School that meat comes from animals. I'll have to introduce her to David Bowie though. You just can't be friends unless you can share the same musical tastes ;). Love that your posting more. It's fun to keep up with the Austin group and see how all the kids are growing up.

chattypatra said...

A girl after my own heart. Bacon and pepperoni? We are soulmates! ;)