Tuesday, March 15, 2011


At this point, I'm not sure I even remember how to blog...regardless, I want to type a word or two for today.

It's spring break in Texas and I am savoring this extra time with my little ladies; lounging around the house and riding bikes up and down our street and on the newly finished trail to the lake. I worked on some origami with Adelle this afternoon--so happy that my girls are still in the phase where they looked at me with awe and appreciation when I presented them with my rather sad, mutilated version of the classic origami crane.

Tonight at the grocery store Tess randomly hugged me and looking up at me, smiling, she softly told me she loved me and asked if I was doing okay. Later, as we were settling down for the night, I could hear her laughing to herself as she read Shel Silverstein's "Falling Up" out loud. Adelle has mastered biking on her two wheeler in the last few days and she is rarely seen without a helmet. I love that she still wants me to read with her each night and I can never get over how easily she picks up on sarcasm or irony and how quickly and beautifully she laughs.

It's been a good day. Simple and so good.