Monday, December 04, 2006

white rock lake

One reason we chose to live where we live in Dallas is the proximity to White Rock Lake and the jogging/bike trail that run the perimeter of the lake. Unfortnately until this past week we had failed to actually get on the trail. So last wednesday I put the girls in the bike trailer and we headed over to the lake to check things out. We found a beautiful escape from the city and a park with a delicate arch mini-replica to reminds us of home.
Here are some videos of that windy day
(warning these videos may only be interesting to grandmas and may induce motion sickness)
Roo doing her little mermaid impression
the girls playing and climbing around
running by the lake

Deli refused to take her back pack off the entire 2 hours at the park
little mermaid wanna be (I hate disney)