Thursday, May 24, 2007

tess babe

Okay this post is aimed primarily at the Grandmas, I am going to be guilty of a lot of annoying parental "gushing"--be forewarned. Tess is really enjoying the whole piano thing. She freaks out if we skip a practice. In addition to practicing she climbs up to the piano on her own three or four times a day and teaches herself songs from her book or, most recently, makes up her own songs. When I got back from Utah she brought me the above drawing and told me she had written a song, a "scary" song for me while I was gone. I videoed her playing it because I love anything she makes up on her own and obviously I think she is fantastic. Below there are two versions, I need to post both b/c the first is mostly a showcase of Deli's feet as she entertains herself by moving them around in the lower left corner and the second version has a better illustration of the dramatic tone Tess adds to her piano playing as well as almost every aspect of her life.


Thank you for enduring my gush.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

last week

Last week was a busy week

we played in the rain

free art class at the Dallas Museum of Art

check out the concentration

The girls ran in the Katy Trail .5K kids dash. It was a struggle. Adelle turfed it in her first two steps and took out an innocent 4 year old bystander. Tess got discouraged when all the 2nd graders passed her up. But they did finish and the event included an incredible spread of food (chocolate ice cream, cookies and pizza) that helped make the whole thing a positive experience....I hope.

the weekend
Tess had her piano awards ceremony and recital.

Tess did such a great job! It's hard to explain what I was feeling as I watched her play and thought of all the nights practicing together. She wasn't nervous at all to play. She just seemed so comfortable, calm and independent of me it was one of those moments when time catches up with you and you realize how quickly life moves.

Tess and her wonderful teacher Ms. Eva (pronounced Ava) she is Polish and has a beautiful accent

After the recital we were all feeling pretty good and off to celebrate with dinner and chocolate cake.

Tess with her "trophy" a head of the composer Bartok

my big news

I ran a 1/2 marathon kinda last minute, out of peer pressure from my excellent running friend Amy. Anyway I could only keep up with her for the first 4 miles and then I was on my own slow pace the rest of the time. Somehow, even though she finished 20 whole minutes before me, we were able to place 1st and 2nd in the Clydesdale division (for those that don't know, the Clydesdale division is a distinguish rank for those that weigh 150 lbs or more) . I honestly can't tell you how shocked and excited I was when we both got our medals--I'm pretty sure I embarrassed Amy with my hoots and shrieks. In hindsight I guess it is kinda like winning the miss congeniality or most improved player award but I swear if I never win anything else in my life I will feel complete.

napoleon dynamite is a texan

check out what I found taped to my front door--it made my day