Tuesday, February 09, 2010

sisterly affection

Nearly every evening, when it is time to turn out the lights, Tess becomes very chatty and begins reciting her reflections on the day as well as any latent fears of natural disasters, future travel plans and declarations of well know facts (e.g., jets are faster than passenger planes). While Tess lists her worries out loud, Adelle is always shouting out from across the room the unsolicited solution to whatever is vexing Tess. Last night, Tess was telling me how much she misses me in the middle of the school day and how hard it is to wait four whole hours once she is feeling that way.

me--"Ahhh I miss you too honey, but I'm so proud of how well you are doing in school and we can be together and read a book or play the wii right when school is out okay."

Tess--"Can you get a job at the school and be my teacher? Then you could be there when I need you, the other kids wouldn't make fun of me or bother me if you were there.

Adelle--(laying in her bed, causally) "Tess just tell 'em to go to hell...(turning over on her side, back towards me and Tess, yawning) that's where they're going anyways if they make fun of you."

me-- (mouth open staring at the back of Adelle's head)

Tess--(continues, as usual, ignores her little sister's advice) I've tried to be friends with everyone they just don't like me.

Adelle--(sits up in her bed, one hand gesturing towards Tess) Teeeessssss! There is always hope Tess...there is always hope.

They wanted their own beds sooo much but most nights I find them cuddled up in one


merathon said...

oh, i LOVED reading that! i have so much fun listening to the conversations that kendall & berkeley have at night as well!

Corrine said...

oh my goodness that is awesome! What cute girls!

Tonia said...

My girls all share a room. I keep trying to get Eliora to have one of her own or split them up into twos but they don't want to. Most mornings we find two or three of them sharing a bed. I would love to put a recorder in there to hear the conversations they must have after Ben and I leave.
I love the 'hell' comment. My kids have a way of saying damn and hell from time to time. Have noooooo idea where they got it from.

StrykerLOVE said...

hahaha - thats a good one!

chattypatra said...

Your posts automatically make my days better. Thank you.