Monday, February 15, 2010

my valentines

This weekend we celebrated...

a record amount of Dallas snow

Tess's b-day (a month and a half after the date)
6 layers of love cake
Some people have birthday cake because they have kids but I have kids so I have more excuses for birthday cake. Heidi helped me with this one, she made the two strawberry layers and the delish fresh strawberry-butter-cream-cheese frosting. I made the dark chocolate and vanilla layers and polished off a large jar of Nutella lathering between each layer.
& a valentiney-Beatles-luv-themed concert in Deep Ellum
Tess as the vocals and playing the keyboard for "She's a Woman" by the Beatles. She was especially awesome.
The final valentine's note, this weekend Tom and I were playing Catch Phrase with some friends, (boys against girls) when his teammate gave the clue "this is what your wife does to you." Tom immediately rattled off "belittle, berate, humiliate." I'm still laughing over this as his intial reaction to what I do to him...but despite the belittlement I think Tom is hot and he is my favorite valentine.