Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Tess and her cute cousin Elle decided to write a Thanksgiving speech and give out Thanksgiving presents.

For all the Grandmas and Grandpas, Aunts and Uncles, cousins and friends we missed today. Happy Thanksgiving!


Grant said...

Wow, what a way to start thanksgiving... Missed all of you.

Dona and co. said...

What a great Thanksgiving! I'm glad you got it on video. It was almost like being there. The table looks beautiful. Tess and Elle did a great job on the Thanksgiving speech/research paper. I loved it.

Anonymous said...

Happy THanksgiving to you all !!!
WOW - First I thought no way would you have time to blog when you have holiday guests and all then I checked anyway Friday p.m.
I'm so glad you put the THanksgiving video on the blog. It's fun to be able to see a bit of your gathering - Ellie & Tess are great together ! I'd say Tess pretty much covered everything when she said she was thankful for the world and Heavenly Father !

We had a good one - Gerry & Michelle fixed a deep fat fried cajun turkey and it was a real taste treat. The rest was traditional but soooooo sooooo good!

THere were thirty of us at Gerry & Michelle's -- We missed you guys and Samantha and Nicole! We did get to Skype with Nicole and her English family. I think some one told our Engish friends - "Happy Thanksgiving from the colonists".

It was a beautiful day here - sunny but crisp.
I wish we would have videod the 'turkey bowl' that was played in the park by Gerry's house.

THe board games started pretty late and I think they may still be playing -


Catherine M. said...

Smiling the whole time - what magic!

colie-o said...

Wow that was so cute! Loved the speech by Tess and Elle that is priceless. And Gifts too?! Boy was I in the wrong place for thanksgiving! (since, they don't even celebrate it here!)

Looks like you guys had a lovely day!

So is this your new pattern of blogging now... only on holidays? I guess I will look for your next post on Christmas... love you!

Lindsay said...

Oh, to be a Tippetts! They are already delivering such eloquent speeches. Very brilliant kids.

Did you actually cook Thanksgiving dinner? I am so impressed.