Tuesday, October 30, 2007

this is halloween, this is halloween

The girls and their makeup artist, Heiderhead. The redneck on the left is their dad...sweet mullet huh

Happy Halloween from Sally (from "nightmare before christmas") and a witch (as per request for the third year in a row)

heading to our church's halloween party

Notice the dunking booth in the background. Tess spent all night trying to dunk her friends' dads-- she succeeded twice.

This is a pic of her throwing, obviously she took this activity pretty seriously.

the trunk or treat

no losers here...that's right, that's RIGHT!
we won the spookiest halloween costumes award. Walk tall you true spirit of halloweeners, in a sea of princesses you are scary! YES!


Dona and co. said...

Wow! Now those are some serious costumes. Even with the close-up shots I could hardly recognize them. Way to sweep the spooky costume awards you future medal-loving girls!

TippettsFam said...

they both look SO great. i'm with dona - i could hardly recognize them!!! so much fun... can't wait for next year.

Lindsay said...
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Lindsay said...

Great costumes. They were very original...I would expect nothing less from a Skousen-Tippetts. Did you make Tess' dress?

Granda said...

"Oh, Mr. Moundshroud, will we ever stop being afraid of nights and death?" The expressions on Tess and Adelle's faces say it all...how deliciously fun it is to be scary and scared! Adelle reminids me of "Thing" on the Addams Family or was it the Munsters?

colie-o said...

LOVE the costumes. I miss trunk or treat! Did you know little kids here don't even get to go trick or treating? It's only the older teenagers. I took the kids for the first time this year, and they are 8 and 9! Well I think that your girlies looked fantastic- and Tom of course in a mullet is freaking awesome. I think he should put that wig on for his clients, and maybe some eyeliner. boy that would be cool! And one more thing... did you stuff walnuts or grapes in Tess's cheeks?! cause my goodness... they look like chucky chipmonk right after invading the peanut factory...Maybe it's the makeup.

Anonymous said...

What fun photos!!

You girls are really prize winning scarey !!


Catherine M. said...

Okay okay, since you had to delete my other posting, I'll try again without the obscenities.

Your kids are so totally darling. I have honestly never before seen a cuter pair of costumes and makeup. Heidi did such a great job it really made a huge difference!

Toad and Sue said...

Linney, I bought Tess's dress at Goodwill and then put the patches on the front with my handy dandy sewing machine that I barely know how to use :-)

Don said...

Grant is here and is showing me how to work this d--- thing.

Great Pictures!


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