Tuesday, October 16, 2007

living waters

While Tess was playing at my friend Catherine's house last week, Catherine decided to serve the kidos some soybeans. As she was dishing out the green goodness she started telling them how great they are for your body and how our bodies are like sponges--we soak up all the nutrients and good stuff and whatever we don't need, all the yucky stuff, our bodies eliminate when we pee or poop etc.....

Here's the conversation that followed.

Tess: "Does Jesus pee?"

Catherine : "I don't know...I don't think so....He has a perfect resurrected body, I don't think he eats anything, so I guess he doesn't have to pee."

Tess: "Jesus takes the sacrament, so he does eat bread and water"

Catherine: "That's true, you're right Tess he does take the sacrament...I guess he must pee."

Just in case you've never pondered the digestive tract of resurrected beings, Tess is on it--always thinking about the weightier matters of the law. This is hopefully a question that never comes up in your gospel doctrine class discussions.

I guess we are raising some super righteous kids--I don't mean to brag but apparently it's true.


Catherine M. said...

The conversation was also about "taking out the trash" and how Jesus' body doesn't have any "trash" to take out. I guess the next question, is the pee still water or is it taking out any trash?

Ask Tess to get back to me on this one please!

Lindsay said...

Wow, I almost thought that post would be about me (you know, my last name is now Waters) and what a wonderful and faithful friend I have been to keep checking a blog that hadn't been updated in over a month. But, alas it is not about me. That is a great conversation though. Tess is obviously very spiritual and brilliant. It must be that new religion :)

So you are really running a WHOLE marathon, not a half one. You have lost your mind in TX.

Anonymous said...

I'd say my granddaughter is a real challenge to keep up with !
Wouldn't you say? Parents and hosting friends have all the answers - grandparents can just say - Wow ! that's a good question lets go ask your mom or dad -

Hey Tess, Catherine thought she was teaching you how good soybeans are - you sure fooled her!

Granda said...

Dear Tessie,
Well, I think that Jesus would eat our cupcakes, don't you? I also wonder if our resurrected bodies will soak up all the nutrients so well that the "yucky stuff" can be blown away with our breath. Maybe our cupcakes in heaven won't have any "yucky stuff" in them.
Tell your Mom and Dad that they deserve you.
Love you as big as your heart,

colie-o said...

thats really funny.

I can't wait to have kids.
(kinda sarcastic)

I love reading about yours!

Linda Lou said...

Oh! Don't you just love what kids can ask?