Tuesday, October 09, 2007

hello again

so....I'm back, atleast for today. My excuse for not blogging is simple--exercise. For the first time since high schooly I've been exercising consistently for 6 weeks now, but that's only b/c my running buddy Amy is forcing me to run a marathon with her. I know millions of normal people exercise regularly and live balanced lives but running makes me really hungry and lots of food makes me happy and sleepy. So that's been my pattern for the last few weeks--run, eat, smile, sleep, eat, smile, eat, smile sleep, repeat. There are so many things I want to blog about, our summer trip, Heidi's arrival, my whole blogging fam, my funky girls etc... I'm just going to have to work my way back slowly and more consistently. Thanks to all those who have been checking while I've been out.


Anonymous said...

I've been checking for a new post on your blog - even earlier today nothing showed up - then finally we get the cleverly written exercise reason - which none of us can dispute because we aren't working out for a marathon so -
Anyway, I love seeing you guys! The photos of Tom & Adelle, Tess with her art, and the "How did YOU know that" expressions are great !!

I don't know what publisher will snatch it up first but in the meantime your three step appproach/creative parenting tactic you call brainwashing makes for a really fun to read blog !
Keep it up, daughter!

Dona and co. said...

Let's hear it for the trophy/medal...gal! Woo Hoo!
Great job on the marathon. You are my idol! Good to have you up and blogging again especially since it appears that you are no longer taking my phone calls.

colie-o said...

yeah! you are not taking my phone calls either!!!

welcome back.

loved the update.

StrykerLOVE said...

i wish i could run!! lucky you - your blog makes me laugh - sometimes i read an entry more the once (like the brainwashing) just because LOVE it! (maybe i shouldn't mention that since its pretty nerdy :-) so give up the love and keep on blogging

Anonymous said...

Start bloggin' and quit joggin'!


TippettsFam said...

hooray!! you're back... i've SO missed you! i'm gunna need at LEAST a post a week in order to make it to thanksgiving. we are all counting the days. seriously can't wait! love the pics and video! and way to go on the marathon training. i'm so proud of you!!!! love to you all!

Rachel said...

I love the picture of Tom and Adel. You can just see the love and amazement he has for her.

So did you run the marathon? Did you ever go to my blog? I haven't updated it since I did it, so you are actually doing great! I have got to see and talk to your fun sister donna more than you lately. Call me. We need to catch up girl.

Granda said...

Dear Deli,
Wow...you can run as fast as Princess Leia. Watch for a package in the mail....it has surprises in it for you and Tessie and Heidi.
Love you as fast as you run!