Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

me and my Dad--by Tess


Granda and Elle said...

Dear Tessellation,
That looks just like your dad's hair and glasses. Are you dancing together?
Tommy drew a picture of Papa holding hands with him that is almost like your drawing but he used a blue marker instead of a red one.
We all miss you and Adelle and like looking at your blog and watching your movies.
Love you,

colie-o said...

Oh that is so cute! I drew a picture that looks exactly like that for my dad this year. I just know he is going to love it.

Tell tess she is a great ar-TEE-st (french accent) ha ha

Anonymous said...

Oh! - love that art!!

NOthing better than a piece of original art from the heart for your dad, Tess!


Dona and co. said...

Tess, I LOVE the art work. You have actually captured movement. Your piano playing (especially the composition) is fantabulous! I cannot believe how beautiful and grown up you are.
Adelle, I loved watching you sing and reading all the clever things you say and you are a great builder of blocks.
I am looking forward to seeing you all soon
Sarah, I hate to be demanding BUT I am slightly obsessed with keeping myself and various family members updated on what is going on in Dallas via the skousentippetts blog and I am very distressed that there has been such a drought of information of late. Please do something spectalar
soon. I am desperate. You are the best.

Dona and co. said...

(I mean spectacular not spectalar. There is a huge difference especially since one isn't even a word.)