Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dellanor Delphinium

Today was Roo's last day of school which marks the end of my days alone with Deli. Sure it's going to be good to have the girls back together again, but I'm going to miss all the attention Delberd demanded from me. Now her constant stream of conversion will most likely be aimed at Tess instead of me. Will she ask to go to Target everyday like she would after we left Tess at school? Or demand that we eat breakfast together and that we eat the exact same thing? What if she doesn't need me anymore? What if Tess is already a better mother than me. Summer is just beginning and I'm full of anxiety. Any way, here are some pictures and a video with a bunch of random moments of Boo Radley.

Deli's first babysitting job was to watch Tess's school teacher's new born baby for two days.


why paint on paper?

Adelle with tea, toast and Delphiniums from the garden

Some of my favorite Dellanorisms:

setting: breakfast in the kitchen

me: "Look Adelle, there's something behind your head!" (I was trying to steal a bite of her cereal)
Deli: "What? What? it my Christmas stocking?" (this is in May)

setting: taking out the trash

me: "Look Adelle a cockroach! What should we name it?"
Deli: "Bush, hello Bushy"

setting: picking up Tess from School

Deli: Tess...I'm sorry but Mom and I went to Target today without you and I got a bagel but we didn't get you one. I'm so sorry Tess. (in a not-really-sorry tone)

setting: TJMaxx, quickly trying to buy socks for Tom when Adelle spots a must-have Dora shirt

Deli: Mom can I get this for my birthday? (This is the standard question for any desirable object in a store)
me: maybe, but your birthday is in March, remember?
Deli: No Maaahhm! My TODAY birthday!
me: nope
Deli: please. please, please, please, please, please Mom please. If you let me have the shirt then I will invite you to "Kids Club" (a magical place without parents and all you can eat brownies that she and Tess have made up and try to threaten to uninvite Tom and I to when we don't respond to their liking) but if you don't let me get the Dora shirt then you will have to have a consequence (at this point we had a small audience)
me: let's put the shirt in the basket for now (This was deceptive of me, I know. When we got to the check out I just handed the clerk her shirt and asked him to put it back for us.)
---later that day, just as Tess gets into the car from school---
Deli: Guess what Tessy....Mom and I went to the store and guess whhhaaat....I got a new Dora shirt but I'm sorry you didn't. I'm sorry Tess.
me: Deli, we didn't get the Dora shirt, you were much too fussy in the store.
Deli: WHAT! Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!

setting: me sitting at the computer

Deli: Mom, I want to sit on your lap because it's squishy

setting: getting the house picked up

Deli: Mom, can I watch Lion King because it is my favorite?
me: no Deli, we have work to do, you need to do your spoon drawer (emptying the silverware) and clean your room
Deli: (after stomping her foot and bouncing her body off every piece of our furniture) but Maaaahhm, it's my very very favorite!
me: sorry babe, not until we finish our work
Deli: But Maaaaaaammmaaaa
me: no Adelle
Deli: FINE! (with a final stomp of her foot) I WILL do my spoon drawer and THEN I'll clean room
me: good idea

setting: at the checkout at Walgreens

Deli: hey Mom, can we get some gum? Gum is my favorite, I will chew it. I know when I was 2 I would swallow it but I'm 3 now and I will chew it pleeeeeeeeeaaaaase.
me: no
Deli: but Mom I mean it. I mean it! I WILL chew it! I will chew like this (munch, munch)......I will NOT swallow it. Look, thus gum is blue and look....this gum is pink and this gum is red and this gum is GREEEEEEN. Ooohhhhh I like green gum, I had green gum one time. Mom can we get this greeeeeeeen gum because I LOVE IT!
checkout lady: WOW! She talks a lot! Does she always talk this much?
me: yup.


colie-o said...

I absolutly loved this blog, the picture were great and that video...oooohhhhhhh that video! Deli is so cute, I think she will be an amazing singer someday- as long as she keeps putting that kind of spirit and umph into her music! Although I must say, what kind of scriptures do you read at your house??? The camera never showed the cover, but I imagine it had a picture of Deli and Nephi, arms linked together with big, unusually large smiles colored on the front. I have never heard that version of the story before, it sounds very inspirational!

My second favorite was the Deli quotes and funny moments, that was great. It seems like you two have been having so much fun together!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I just had the neatest family night - singing, scripture reading, and talk, talk, talk, all by Adelle she is a one girl show that girl. THe "delanorisms" are a very clever way to collect and preserve her wit so I'm glad you took the time to write out the dialogue with the setting etc -are you becomng a playwrite or what ?!?That's all the comment for now - I want to watch a family night rerun.....:)

Amy said...

I just love that girl...when do I get to babysit her again?

TippettsFam said...

yay for deli-deli!!! can't believe how grown up she is... LOVE the footage of her singing in the car... so great! i'm so excited that you bought your tickets... it's official.......can't wait to see you and hang out and swim and eat and talk and watch movies and everything else!!!!! yay for summertime!

Granda and Elle said...

Dear Tess and Adelle,
We saw you eating marshmallows and it sounded really good so tomorrow night we're going to make some. On the train, you can get up and play something on the hallway floor of the train. There is a snack car where there is food. There is an observation car that is made of all windows even the roof. You might make some new friends on the train. Last time I made a friend and we werre planning to get each others phone numbers but we forgot. Love, Elle
Dear Tessie and Deli,
If Nephi comes on all your errands then you will always have adventures! I told Tommy and Elle how tall Deli is now; they watched all your movies on your blog. I told them how you can play the piano, Tessie. We will have a cook-out in the backyard when you come to Utah and make smores with Grandma Vy and sleep out in Granda's backyard. Sarah, your posts are hysterical; I always forward them to Holly to cheer her up.
Love, Pam

colie-o said...

Same to you! I check your blog nearly every day... and nothing new. I have read your latest blog a few times now and I tell you it just keeps getting better and better! That is a sign of a great blogger. I did post something now just cause you told me to! I never know when my readers want more, so this one was for you. :) love ya!

Amy said... have officially had a comment deleted from my blog. And no, I'll never do a triathlon...I can't swim.

colie-o said...

That is so weird I just posted a new one before I left you the last comment. You must have just missed me pushing the post button or something. So i did write some more, and I will try to write more frequently since I know at least one person is reading what I write! I am looking forward to your next post!

Grant Skousen said...

Great adventures at the stores - giving the shirt to the checkout girl is pretty sneaky.

Nicole's mum said...

Love reading your day to day's! It brings back a lot of memories! Some from just last week!:) That just goes to show that sometimes there is not that much difference between older kids and the younger ones! It's fun to read your blog and see your pictures! Thanks! Michelle

Lecy said...

oh my gosh you guys are so amazing! i love everything on it! say hi to deli and tess for me! i love all of it! deli is going to be soooo famous on day! i love you! thanks so much! love lecy