Sunday, June 17, 2007

good brother Gerry

I'm happy to say that we have been graced with another sibling visit from my side of the family. My brother Gerry flew into town to take us out to eat before he had to drive to Oklahoma City for some business. It was a short visit but we'll count it. Unfortunately I'm short on pics from the visit which really works out better for everyone because I can use some old photos of Gerry to illustrate this post. And I'm happy to take this opportunity to make fun of him like he has so lovingly made fun of me my whole life.

oouuuuuuhhhhhh! Check it out! This is back in the glory days, Gerry could barely keep the women at bay. I mean seriously who wouldn't want to make out with a guy in tight jeans and a rainbow sweater, riding a sexy black motorcycle. Way to work it Gerry! hot.

You can't really see it in this picture, but my left arm is in a cast from a break that occurred when I fell out of a tree. Unfortunately, going to the doctor conflicted with Gerry's intramural football playoff game. Since he was in charge of me at the time I was forced to go to the game, watch, learn and "be a man" about my pain. Although it was difficult as an 8 year old to appreciate this learning moment, I'm glad I toughed it out. I can now thank Gerry for the character I was able to develop as I tried to sleep that night with my un-casted broken arm. Thanks good brother.

Here's another good one. Gerry's wearing a nice flannel, not-as-tight jeans, and some cowboy boots even though he is not...
living on a farm/ranch,
visiting a farm/ranch,
country dancing, or cow tipping


Not to much to make fun of here. Gerry really has been an attentive, sweet, involved and caring brother. Oh, I thought of is a photo back when Gerry was taller then me (okay, we're the same height). Love through sarcasm, one of many good things you've taught me.
I love you!
The girls loved getting to play the piano and dance with uncle Gerry!
Thanks for the visit!


colie-o said...

Oh these pictures are so fun! I am glad someone from our family has finally made it out to see you!! I love the old pics and commentary too. One day I am going to come visit you guys...if you come visit me, please? ha ha ha

Loved the blanket idea by the way... I think my friend would really like that ha ha

Dona and co. said...

Let me try to type through the tears. Such good memories. I think that Gerry was quite fashionable--it was the 80's after all. None of us really came through those years unscathed from fashion faux pas. You were quite stylin' back then as well. I must learn to blog because I have some awesome pictures in some photo boxes that are just waiting to be unleashed on the world.
As always, "you're my inspiration" (In case you are unaware that was a subtle reference to a song from, when else(?), the 80's)

Anonymous said...

Who likes to look at photos of you and your brother way back then ?? - Your mom , of course!!

Who likes to see 'Uncle Gerry' dancin' with his nieces ??
Your mom, of course !!

Anonymous said...

Ok... we ALL see through this feeble-minded attempt to shame me into responding to your "propaganda" site more commonly known as a BLOG. I can't say that I am too surprised (given your political leanings), that you would so easily spew such vial half truth and innuendo and represent it as fact. Who did you say you supported for president... Hillary? As usual, the truth is worth defending, so I will defend it to the best of my recollection. Before refuting most of the slander (ask your lawyer husband about how much it will cost you to “repair” my damaged reputation), I would like to say that it was WONDERFUL to make a visit, albeit a quick one, to get to play with the girls, banter about a few legal terms with Tom (I think I’ve already exhausted most of them in this writing), to see their home and the surroundings, and to catch up with my baby sister a bit. Now… let me set the record straight. 1) I still have that sweater in my closet. I pull it out sometimes to go motorcycle riding… it makes one feel good even at my age, to see all the chicks (yes… and even some guys), looking and pointing out of obvious desire and jealousy. 2) Just because you live in DALLAS, TX and visit Southfork ranch every weekend for fun (I overheard Sarah and Tom talking about changing Tess and Adele’s names to Bobby-Sue and Ellie-Mae), doesn’t give you exclusive rights to wear cowboy stuff. In looking back, I think it was a subconscious attempt to hearken back to the days of the ol’ west, where people kept their word, where hard work was just work, where bad guys got what they deserved, where people could live without being taxed out the behind, and where if you dressed with a nice flannel shirt and some boots, you could get all the chicks you wanted (at least that was the plan at the time). Lastly, it brings a tear to my eyes still today, when I think back fondly at the sacrifices I made, playing Intramural football through the pain of knowing that Sarah needed to be at the hospital, staying up countless nights “watching movies” with girlfriends, or playing video games into the wee hours of the morning just to be there in case Sarah wanted to talk to me, throwing pillows at her feet as hard as I could as she ran across the floor or down stairs in order to try to teach her not to fall down so clumsily, and even taking the time to just toss the football in the back yard to help her learn how to catch bullet passes… after all, she was 8 or 9 years old. Of course, you were young, so I don’t expect you to know the truth of all that I did for you… just keep trusting that your big brother knows what’s best for you and that I will ALWAYS be there to selflessly give you the wisdom and guidance that you so desperately need. Love, Gerry

Nicole's mum said...

Hillary? Are you serious? I'm not even going to go there! Wow! What do I say when I was one of the girls that he actually picked up in that sweater?! Seriously, I used to wonder how I could be attracted to a guy who wore flannel, but I guess the big heart just one me over! I remember those intramural games, and I remember I only wanted to ride home with him if they won! Still it was a lot of fun. Don't feel too bad about having him teach you to tough it out--he is just an optimist and always assumes things are not as bad as they seem! That's not a bad quality, unless you are the one with the broken arm! Oh well, no one's perfect! Thanks for the visit of the memories, it was fun! Hope we can all come out and see you soon. Love, Michelle

Jennifer Grigg said...

Gerry is my favorite uncle too!