Sunday, July 01, 2007

the end is nigh

We spent the weekend tearing down the garage so we could use the wood to build an ark. Not really, but I thought about it. It dumped all last week and this week is supposed to be a little of the same.

Atleast Tess knows how to dress for a flood.


Dona and co. said...

Now there is a girl with fashion sense! Awesome. Amanda says THAT picture is definately a keeper.
Go Tess. She is STELLAR(again, all Amanda, and very high praise might I add. Stellar is a fancy word for amazingly, awesomely, rad. We have been reading Fancy Nancy in honor of your upcoming visit.)
Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting. I feel much better about my life. YOU and colie-o both after days of emptiness, mere words cannot express my gratitude but thankyou.

Granda and Elle said...

Dear Tessellation and Deli,
When you come to Utah, you can dress up in the pioneer dresses and bonnets that I am making for you and be in the Mapleton 24th July Parade with the Primary kids in our ward. Do you want to ride scooters or sit in a wagon that Granda will pull? We can put lots of balloons on the wagon with a sign that says "Zion or Bust"?
There will be a carnival at the park all day; Uncle Eddie and Aunt Patty will be in charge of the games. A concert and fireworks are later in the evening. Be sure to bring your swimming suits so you can play in our new pool while its hot in the afternoon. We are all still smiling at the question that Tahah (your cousin across the street) asked Elle when she was here: "Elle, do you know Tess? She's my cousin...she went camping and boating on the river with us in Wyoming."
I guess you are the star, Tess!
And speaking of stars, Deli...shall we watch Star Wars Episode 5 when you are here?
Love you as deep as the Texas floods.

colie-o said...

Ha Ha Ha I love that picture!!! Thats funny you have been having loads of rain because WE have been having INSANE amounts of rain here as well! When we were driving back from the airport today you literally couldn't see anything everyone had to pull over because the roads were flooding. A semi truck went past and shot (literally) a 10 foot wall of water on the median. it was crraazzyy! So, you flood I flood. I know how you feel. I wish I had Tess's fashion though!

colie-o said...

PS you said you couldn't wait to see some pics of the clothes I bought, since i never got around to putting any up you can see the one shirt which is my favorite in my st. andrews blog. I wore it on that trip! The other one is in my picture with kerrie in my latest blog... but you can't really see it. I will put some pics up lata. love you!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, she knows how to dress plus she knows her age in months. She announced to me on the phone - "Grandma - you know what? I am not 5 any more I am FIVE AND A HALF!!!"

elle said...

so cute, tess.... but, you're not supossed to go swimming in your rain boots, you're supossed to go in flip flops! i wish i had some boot like that though, 'cause those are cute boots! i can't wait to see you when you come to our house. we'll play princess and with my ponies. love, elle

Granda said...

Dear Tessallation and Deli,
Here is a Fancy Nancy website

Try it out!

Amanda Lee said...

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! She is so cute!