Wednesday, October 29, 2008

up hill both ways, an ode to Tess

What a sweetheart. Honestly there couldn't be anything better then picking Tess up from school with the scooters.

Here is my new favorite video of Tess.
This clip demonstrates the joy of being with her when she hasn't had her after school snack yet.

This girl is too much fun!


katharine said...

glad you had the camera for that one!
adelle is so cute buzzing by on her little scooter

chattypatra said...

Dear Tess:

I saw myself through your eyes today. Thank you for the lesson.



P.S: You have a very wise Mother.

Catherine M. said...

This is exactly what blogs are good for. I was laughing so hard Matt scolded me and finally had to come in to the office to watch the sweet girl.

You know, we noticed that I act that exact same way when I'm grouchy. I think that is why I love Tess so much. I totally relate to the drama, she just looks better in it.

I love you all!

The Perkins Fam said...

Once in awhile, after reading Hide's non-updated blog, I like to peek in on the rest of the Tippetts clan. This was so funny. She reminds me of Holly when she use to get left at home while we went to the awesome library park :) She is so cute!!

Bree said...

i love 6 year olds...don't you!

Cameron said...

She would make a great pioneer! Ha!! I think it is something about the walk home from school that does it. I have heard similar rantings from Nathanael because it was hot outside and he "just can't handle it." HA! Maybe they should start giving them afternoon naps again at school!!

Jenny said...

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah:
I cannot believe I found you! Your girls are so beautiful! I see so much of you in them. I am seriously going to go through the entire content of your blog from beginning to end, just to get all caught up. How the heck are you?! Drop me a line when you have a minute. I'd love to catch up and get your email address so I can send you an invitation to view our blog. I'm at
Love always,
Your most directionally challenged friend ever!