Sunday, October 26, 2008

the natural state

Last weekend we buzzed up to Arkansas.
Anxious for some fall foliage, I quickly spotted something bright and beautiful that I have never seen anywhere else...

red velvet Twinkies.

I still can't believe it. In Arkansas, they have red velvet twinkies.

They are delicious.

Anyway, we stayed at this little place called Hawkins Ranch just outside Mena Arkansas. When I say little, I mean little, not much more then the famed Skousen tumble-weed Ranch in Delta Utah. But we did have...

this view,

a cabin with a metal roof and bunk beds,

(I wanted to take that wire deer silhouette home)

a hill to run down,
smooth rocks with a creek to skip them in and,
(Tom's snobbery is unbridled when it comes to rock skipping. Please, someone challenge him--I have fully disappointed him as competition for his elitist sport.)

horses to startle as we drove through their field on our way to the cabin.

We left Friday morning and managed to do all this,

and still make it back in time for Saturday night's Halloween carnival at our church.

Adelle was so tired she almost swallowed her tongue.

I LOVE road trips!!!


Tian Tian said...

It took me about 30 seconds before I realized that I was staring at the red velvet twinkie with my mouth open. Now, I'm craving SPRINKLES!

TippettsFam said...

red velvet twinkies?! something about that feels so wrong....

your trip looks wonderful. glad you were able to get away!!

chattypatra said...

I can't believe you missed such a golden business opportunity! Next time, buy a case of those Red Velvet Twinkies. They will sell like hotcakes!

Rob Stowell said...

Looks like a fun trip. I think road trips are the best thing for families!
Love you