Sunday, August 24, 2008

& on the 7th day...we did a whole lotta nothing

Some days in Texas it is just too hot to get out of your pajamas.

Tom talked the girls into watching Meet the Press with him,

and luckily it took a good hour or two to work through a bowl of peanuts so the girls lasted the whole show.

I can't tell you how happy I was to get this shot. Very few people outside of Tom's family get to see his goofy side. Animals and small children do tend to bring it out in him more easily. Just in case you thought I married Toad because of good looks or sizable skull now you can know the real reason--he makes me laugh, a lot.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for includling this photo of Tom - I like his goofy side!
I feel relaxed when I look at your 'lounge around in pajamas snd eat peanut' photos - very homey !


katharine said...

i had heard that after a while people start to look like their pets. good thing you got such a nice-looking one there ;)

Tian Tian said...

Another cool trick of Tom's, besides humor, is that he can kick himself in the teeth. Very cool.

Bree said...

you're alive!!!!! i miss you!

Lindsay said...

I'm assuming Tom is watching 'Meet the Press' because of Tom Brokaw. You know how I love that voice.

Love the photo of the girls walking with their umbrellas.