Sunday, January 20, 2008

WDW highlights

Continuing on the birthday theme, we went to Walt Disney World with Grandma as part of the festivities. The sheer management of the place is amazing; it really is HUGE. We were fortunate enough to be there during the week and not during a holiday so the park was fairly uncrowded. That made all the difference to me seeing that I hate crowds, lines and most princesses.

I got the biggest kick out of watching the childless vacationers--adults in their mid-40's wearing suspenders speckled with Disney-themed pin buttons and Mickey mouse ears happily climbing onto the Peter Pan ride. I affectionally call these folks cornballers. I loved being able to be there with my girls and I enjoyed it a few years back in high school when I went with some of my nieces and nephews when they were little and bratty too. I'm not sure I'd make WDW a destination if I wasn't going with someone I had to help go potty.

Tess, as an average to tall six year old, was the perfect WDW candidate. She was tall enough and brave enough to ride the big rides yet still young enough to get red-faced and lose all language ability when anyone wearing poofy taffeta floated by singing something about clouds, princes and the joys of cleaning up after little men. If you have an emotionally secure, well-adjusted almost 4 year old without vertigo, claustrophobia or blossoming OCD issues, maybe WDW is the spot for you. Unfortunately, Adelle is no such child. She produced only a fraction of the joy and happiness that was promised to us in our resort brochures.

As for me, even I shed a tear during the parade when Mickey convinced Daffy Duck that "dreams really do come true" and found myself eagerly chanting that little aphorism with all the adult cornballers standing next to me. What can I say, my heart grew three sizes that day. Over all, we had a great time. The fireworks, the food and all the way-too-happy people (myself included) made it a more than memorable trip.

Riding in a faux pot'o honey can be terrifing...

What if I get sticky? What if Pooh-bear eats me?
AAAAAHHHHHHHH! I wanna go home! I wanna go home!

Finally something Adelle could handle

chowing down with the princesses

Checkin' out Belle's dental work

Oh the happiness . . . .

We were in WDW for two days and then we rented a car and headed to the beach for a picnic and some cold swimming

Thanks to a fabulous Grandama who did an excellent job of pretending that her daughter and grandchildren are delightful people to travel with.


chattypatra said...

Are you calling me a cornball, Sue?
Bwahahahahaha! That's it. If I ever go back to the Magic Kingdom, I'll need to wear a red t-shirt that says "Sue says I'm a cornball!". The only thing is...I don't own a pair of suspenders!

Dona and co. said...

I loved your post! The last picture of you and Mom is classic. You both look like you are preparing to audition to be Disney princesses. Your girls are adorable and honestly Tess looks like she is ready to explode with glee in every picture. Adelle... not so much.

Anonymous said...

Hey - you know I liked the birthday hats we were trying on in that first photo. I need to go back and buy that "goofy" hat - 'I did a survey' and no one even noticed my wrinkles & age spots when I was wearing that hat.

There was music everywhere in WDW -
and we saw some grand dance performances, too. The magical setting with the music and the dancing prompted a musical/dancing response in us. Adelle and I danced uninhibited around the Magic Kingdom when Sarah & Tess were off riding the Thunder Mountain roller coaster. Next day, Tess was jiving with the jungle beat at the "Lion King" performance in Animal Kingdon so was picked out of the crowd to go particpate with the performers in the "Circle of Life" finale.
After the Peter Pan ride Tess and Adelle lined us up to march behind them and sing "Were Following the Leader - Dee Dum Dee Dee Diddley Dum Dee Dee, etc. As Sarah said - we were happy people in a happy place - celebrating happy birthdays so it was like a happy birthday musical to me! Even the carousel music was enchanting. I suppose the girls are still singing "Small Small World' after floating around in that boat with everyone of every language and nationality singing and dancing continuously all around the world that music keeps floating around in your head.. .. so you can't stop singing. But I better stop commenting -----

Lindsay said...

Sarah in Disney World? This I would like to see. Frankly, I'm surprised your girls even know who the Disney princesses are :) Anyway, it looks like you had a great time. That video of Adelle screaming she wants to go home is priceless. And I'm sure your mom was one of the happiest people there.

colie-o said...

I vaguely remember visiting WDW with you... it was loads of fun! Do you know what else I remember? oh you will get a kick out of this. The movie Aladin had just come out to theaters and we went and saw it (this was in Chicago) and I brought my little friend Elizabeth along and you insisted on sitting in between us... and on that same visit I wanted to go play with Elizabeth at her house and you tried to send me on a guilt trip by pretending to cry and giving me the "I am only here for a few days and Elizabeth is always here" speech. I laugh now and feel bad that I didn't actually stay--your speech didn't work and I went over to play at my friends. ha ha ha. Anyways, I don't know why I thought of that. But I think the pictures and vids are great...I especially love Adelle on the Pooh bear ride, that is hilarious. haha, love ya Sarah, send my love to the fam!

TippettsFam said...

it's about freaking time!!!!! love all the pics and vids (hilarious).... thanks for sharing the love! miss you!

katharine said...

it looks like Tess was having enough fun for Adelle too :)

Tonia said...

Decided to drop by and catch up on all the old Austin friends blogs and I about died laughing at the end of the video when your mom says whoohoohoohoo (okay, that is my tigger impression). Really, I think I only met your mom about three times or so but I really love her.

colie-o said...

HEY guess what. It's almost May. yep. I feel like I haven't heard from you since...January.

colie-o said...

If only you knew the disappointment I face every time I pull up your blog and see "WDW Highlights".

come on.

up-date, up-date, up-date!

Dona and co. said...

I agree with Nicole although I did have the benefit of a most amazing trip/visit to Dallas last month (which I highly recommend to you for your next road trip, Nicole and Samantha) and the opportunity to be in your company. (How is my dear friend, the pilot?) But seriously that just made me need your updates even more. So I'll join in the chant "up-date, up-date, up-date..."
p.s. I did notice the new photos. I like them.

katharine said...

hey, a new format on the blog - - but no new posts?? surely you have something to post about your trip this summer?

i'm going to come up to dallas next week and would love to see you! are your girls in school already? i hope not!