Wednesday, January 02, 2008

birthday girls and boy

In case your wondering the best way to gain 30 lbs after Christmas each year here's how...

--first, be born a few days after Christmas

--next, marry someone who was born a few days after Christmas

--then, have a baby a few days after Christmas

(this 30 lbs pound thing is contingent on being the kind of person that believes each birthday boy or girl deserves their own big, buttery cake and a week long eating festival celebration...we are those kind of people)


Grant said...

You are going to have to take up running again if you are going to celebrate like this! You keep this up and you'll beat me in the half this year - you'll be able to roll all the way from Bryce to Cannondale. ;)

(Lecy added the wink)

Grant is a big bully of a brother i think that when WE do the half you should secretly put a ton of xlax in his pre-race dinner! that would be a good comeback for sure :D You would definitely need your camera for that one! ♥♥

Dona and co. said...

Dang! I wanted to see that 30 lbs but in the few brief glimpses I caught of you you looked just the same except did you get your hair cut? Everyone looked great and so did the cakes. Happy Birthdays all the way around.

katharine said...

wow a new blg!
at first i was confused, because i just lost 10 lbs by having a baby 2 days after christmas, but i guess next year with 2 birthdays the week of christmas, there will be nothing but GAINING.

katharine said...

p.s. the kids had to watch all 3 videos of the birthday song. i think tess is right, you are in serious danger of a fire with so many candles on the cake - aren't you feeling OLD tom?

Jane said...

Love it. Where in the world have you been?! I eagerly check your blog everyday and no Sarah. You've got to keep your readers happy, ya know.

Send me an email now and then and let me know if you did end up losing your luggage when you ran the marathon.

colie-o said...

oh wow, I loved these videos I felt like I was there! :) I always love your posts. I think a phone call is in order soon... I will start trying and maybe I will actually speak to you in a few months! ha ha just kidding. Love you!