Tuesday, April 19, 2011

girl and her bike

Adelle learned to ride her bike in about 5 minutes without her parents while playing at a friends house.

Since then it is hard to keep her off her two wheeler. She prefers to ride bare foot and helmetless so she feel the wind in her hair. I usually do force her to wear a helmet but not when the sun is setting on her beautiful blonde hair.

Just being around this girl makes me feel free.


Amy said...

Stop posting crap that makes me cry.

seriously, I miss you now....(ya stupid ho)

merathon said...

we had the same experience with one of our girls a couple weeks ago-- she learned to ride in a few minutes even though she'd been putting it off for years cuz she was scared! now we can't pull her off!

by the way-- your neighborhood looks FAB. love the cute houses and trees!

Dona said...

Adelle is on track for the Tour de France. That was some spectacular bike riding and also some spectacular footage of the bike ride.

Anonymous said...

i miss my cousins so much! Delle, your awesome!love you a million times, elle

Adelle will be ready to ride to work with Granda and Tess will be ready for us to jam together. I have been practicing my guitar...ask your teacher if you can learn...Stand By Me. Love, Granda

Keri said...

Love the old 50's and 60's filming program you used. Where did you find that and how easy/hard was it to change the formatting?

I love how Adelle has to ride up in the yard to get those turn-arounds and especially how she stayed close to home - circling around the driveways, etc. instead of heading on down the street like a wild runaway!
The neighborhood looks so perfect for raising kids! How warm was the weather that day? (We are still fighting spring here - it just will not stay mild! I'm getting irritated!)
Tell Adelle we are proud of her for learning so fast!
Aunt Keri

Deven and Eva said...