Saturday, October 04, 2008

the deep fat fried texas state fair

Each year around this time Tom and I apply for a small loan so we can take the girls to the Texas State Fair--the only place on earth you can see a 1212 pound pig and then eat your way into a similar condition, all in one expensive day. Although the state fair activities don't rise much above stupid animal tricks, life threatening carny rides, and food limited to something that is either eaten off a stick or triple fried or both, there is something unmissable about it.

This year Heidi and I took the girls and unlike the last year we did not feel compelled to try all things fried. The list of this year's fair food is included at the end of the post so you can know some of the items that tempted us. Keep in mind, this is not a complete list...just a taste.

Heidi and Delberd on the mini roller coaster. Adelle is finally outgrowing some of her vertigo issues that plagued our Walt Disney World trip last January.

I, on the other hand, not only struggled fitting my J-Lo-ness into the kiddie sized molded seats, but also needed Tess to hold my hand on the up-n-drop kid ride.

The corny dogs are the state fair classic (and Adelle's favorite).

Tess loved the climbing wall. After her first attempt she came down and said with a stomp, "I'm not proud of myself!" She gave it another go, and after climbing much higher came down with a big smile. She was pretty intense about the whole thing so I let her try a third climb, after which she admitted she had regained her pride and dignity.

the Pee-Wee Stampede

After the disappointing Pee-Wee Stampede, Tess was fully annoyed with her little sister. The rub just got worst as Adelle decided to star in her own Celtic rock dance. Her dancing landed her a job as the new Red Bull girl for pre-K promotions--we are so proud.

We did get a few people complimenting us on Deli's dancing ability. I was quick to mention that I have two daughters that are great dancers, one chose to sit it out today.

Chicken Fried BaconThick and peppery bacon is seasoned, double-dipped in a special batter and breading and deep-fried. Served with a creamy side of ranch or honey mustard sauce.
Fried Banana Split –
A mixture of banana and honey peanut butter is rolled in balls, battered and deep-fried and topped with assorted, delicious fixings, including powdered sugar, caramel and chocolate syrups, chopped peanuts, whipped cream and banana split flavored ice cream bites then fittingly crowned with the traditional cherry
Fernie’s All-American Fried Grilled Cheese Sandwich –
An American classic with a State Fair twist. Two slices of white bread filled with a blend of American and cheddar cheeses, dipped in an egg and milk batter and lightly coated with panko bread crumbs for extra crispness. Served with a side of shoestring potato sticks, a pickle spear and tomato soup dipping sauce. The All American Meal!
Texas Fried Jelly Belly Beans – Jelly Belly Beans are rolled in funnel cake batter and fried to a crunch. People can share the treat with friends and try to guess the flavors before biting down.
Deep Fried S’mores – Marshmallow cream and chocolate chips are sandwiched between two graham crackers, dipped in a feather-light batter and fried to a golden brown. The campfire-inspired treats are dusted in powdered sugar.
Fried Chocolate Truffles – A silky-smooth, handmade, dark chocolate truffle is rolled in cocoa powder before being battered and deep-fried. The melting chocolate goodness is dusted in cinnamon, sugar and cocoa powder.
Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Waffle Balls –
Plump fresh strawberries covered in a thick chocolate shell are dipped in a sweet, waffle batter and deep-fried. Dusted with powdered sugar and served on a stick.
Fried Pop Rocks Fundae Blast -
Ignite your senses with this explosion of Tastes. Fried Ice Cream covered in Hershey’s Syrup and Pop Rocks. Your fuse is a Twizzler rolled in Pop Rocks. While you disarm it, you’ll find an Atomic Fireball inside . . .“Fire in the Bowl”!
Fried Dinner Roll –
A savory dinner roll lusciously filled with cream cheese and covered with a sweet batter, placed on a stick and deep fried to perfection.
Fried Cake on a Stick –
A delicious, chocolate covered white cake filled with strawberry jelly and cream, dipped in sweet batter and deep fried until golden brown and served on a stick!
Green Bean Fries - Fresh Green Beans lightly battered, deep fried, and served with a side of cucumber ranch dressing for dipping!
“Jalapeno” Deep Fried Gorditas -
Jalapeno flavored gordita cooked on the grill and then deep fried, stuffed with beef, chicken, or bean & cheese, and finally topped with lettuce, tomato, guacamole, and cheese
Fried Apple iPie
A warm, delicious crispy fried apple pie with just a hint of cinnamon, is smothered in rich vanilla ice cream and topped with an edible iPod “like” mp3 player and whipped cream. Real working souvenir “ear-bud” earphones complete this tasty iPie experience
Fried Snowballs –
Fresh from the fryer! A lightly battered Snowball (cupcake) dusted with powdered sugar!
Fried Honey Bun –
A lightly battered Honey Bun, served fresh from the fryer with a light dusting of powdered sugar! .
Mini Chicken Fried Steak Slider -
A miniature crispy chicken fried steak patty served on a mini bun with a side of cream gravy
Ignited Moon Pie­ -
The Original Moon Pie, lightly battered and deep fried, then gently sprinkled with powdered sugar!
Beefy Fried Queso Bites ­–
Queso mixed with taco meat, breaded in a zesty batter and deep fried.
Chick-a-Mole Bites –
Guacamole mixed with a taco-flavor shredded chicken and cheddar/Monterey jack cheese, breaded in a zesty batter and deep fried.
Crispy Fried Cantaloupe Pie –
Diced cantaloupe seasoned with brown sugar, cinnamon and coconut milk, rolled in a flaky pie pastry, and then deep fried. Topped with powdered sugar and whip cream.


The Thorley Family said...

I think I gained five pounds just reading that list - Sounds like fun though!

katharine said...

love that picture of the girls corn cobbing :p

Deven and Eva said...

I feel like a little kid again watching that scene in Hook were they all sit down to eat dinner and all of the food is fake! It doesn't matter I still enjoyed it.

Rachel said...

Wow. Just reading that list is making my mouth water and stomach ache all at the same time!

Tonia said...

We tried out deep fried snickers once while living in Austin. We thought we did a good job until we had a real one at the fair in Houston. Holy cow.....deliciously yummy.

merathon said...

yeah, as if some of that food isn't bad enough for you. . .well then then let's go ahead and FRY it too! i recently heard of fried coke, which i'm not even sure how that works!

Tian Tian said...

Classic, Sue, classic!

colie-o said...

that is so funny! Deli is quite the dancer...and I am sure tess is too. :) It was good talking to you the other week over the phone, can't wait till i can see you again! Sign me up for next year's texas state fair!!!!

Dona and co. said...

I must say that Adelle has one fantastic creative dance teacher coupled with a complete lack of inhibitions. I would have suspected that the combination was passed down to her from her Grandma Sylvia but after watching Heidi dance through the middle of the fairgrounds I'm thinking that it could be inherited from the Tippetts side of your outstanding and entertaining family.