Thursday, September 18, 2008

new old pics

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this last spring and summer that I haven't posted yet.

upward, ever upward

Isn't it fun when you get a glimpse of what your four year old may look like when she's eighty three. (click on the picture for more detail)

soft grandma-made blankets,
bowl full of strawberries,
green leaves and grass...
summer happiness

I have a whole collection of these sleeping pictures. At the end of the day the girls usually end up fighting over whose leg or arm goes where. This argument ends with them on opposite sides of the bed as they settle down to sleep. Yet, when I go into check on them after everything is quiet, I'm most likely to find them some how intertwined.


Deven and Eva said...

Looks like Tess is a natural spooner, you can give credit to the Tippetts for the reckless sleeping habits.

chattypatra said...

That old woman picture? I need to find my class picture from when I was in Kindergarten - I had the same exact haircut! Heh.

merathon said...

do your girls sleep in the same bed? that is TOO cute! i wonder what would happen if we tried that over here-- i have a feeling that no one would ever go to sleep!

katharine said...

love the gramma delly pic. :) too funny

Tonia said...

We have the same sleeping pic...only doubled. :)