Tuesday, September 09, 2008

dog days

I love putting Adelle in charge of things. She either feels delighted and empowered or crumbles to the floor wailing about being like Cinderella (a trick that her sister taught her). So I was pleased when she jumped at the chance to fill the bath tub and get the dog shampoo, washcloths, towel, special dog brush thing and dog perfume--all by herself.

Poe was sufficiently subdued as Adelle lathered her up for about 15 minutes.

Tess--"Poe is the most beautiful thing in my life"


The girls started their Chinese class today. Here they are with their friends Ava and Sophia before class. They loved their class, and we are grateful to Aunt Tian Tian for sparkling (chinglish) their interest.


PS these are pictures of apartments I want to sublet in Barcelona this summer. Since it is difficult to inspire visits to Dallas in the summer I thought I would try parking it in Spain for a month next year. Any takers? I don't really want to go but the girls need to learn Spanish too, so I have volunteered.


Tian Tian said...

Wo hen gao xing!!! ( I used the romanization on that so that you and Toad could go at it!)

TippettsFam said...

whoa - look at you go...you're really on a roll. what is that, 7 posts all in one month!? i love it!!!

Deven and Eva said...

Make it Argentina and we're there!

chattypatra said...

No seas tan cruel. Hace años que me muero por ir a España, y todavía no tengo en que caerme muerta. Espero que encuentres con quién alquilar ese apartamento (perdón, 'piso') tan hermoso. ¡Te mereces eso y mucho más!

Jane said...

Pick me! Pick me! I want to go to Spain. What were those tasty candy bars that we ate nonstop and gained 20 lbs on? Oh yah! Buenos!!

Those were SO good. I may have to go back to Spain for a few of those.

I love Delanor's dress, btw. So cute.

Bree said...

i'm in. fo' shor!