Thursday, May 24, 2007

tess babe

Okay this post is aimed primarily at the Grandmas, I am going to be guilty of a lot of annoying parental "gushing"--be forewarned. Tess is really enjoying the whole piano thing. She freaks out if we skip a practice. In addition to practicing she climbs up to the piano on her own three or four times a day and teaches herself songs from her book or, most recently, makes up her own songs. When I got back from Utah she brought me the above drawing and told me she had written a song, a "scary" song for me while I was gone. I videoed her playing it because I love anything she makes up on her own and obviously I think she is fantastic. Below there are two versions, I need to post both b/c the first is mostly a showcase of Deli's feet as she entertains herself by moving them around in the lower left corner and the second version has a better illustration of the dramatic tone Tess adds to her piano playing as well as almost every aspect of her life.


Thank you for enduring my gush.


Grant Skousen said...

What a great performance!

Granda said...

Dear Miss Tess and Deli,
It was so much fun to look at all your photos because I have been in your house and out on your front lawn and at the Dalla Museum of Art with you and I recognized all of those places.
Tess, your Scary Song sounded like Bartok's music that I used to play for my piano teacher, Mrs. Egbert.
You played snatches of it when we were with you but it was great to hear the whole piece!
Way to go, all you runners!!!
Congratulations, Sarah, on your medal!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am gushing right along with you! An original composition and one that comes with a first "written score drawing is tuely a wondorous thing to record, celebrate, and share!!!!!

Tess, congratulations! You are a composer! The Scary Song that you composed and played for us via your family blog is great! I noticed you used most of the keyboard instead of just an octave and you were totally into it -- playing with expression.

You are a music maker - Yah for you!! Music will forever bless your life so keep practicing your music from your books and composing new music!