Saturday, March 03, 2007

spring ice cream festival

This last week we've been celebrating spring by planting flowers and having daily ice cream cones at random places.

Click here for our ode to spring video

The weather has put me in such a good mood, I even made dinner for Tom. The girls helped by setting the table out on the deck.


TippettsFam said...

oh how would it be to enjoy dinner in the open air... looks so comfortable and inviting!!! i want to eat outside too! love the skeleton costume!

Granda said...

Dear Tess and Adelle,
I am going to mail Adelle's birthday package tomorrow and there are treats included for Tess along with the Birthday Girl's presents. Can we eat out on the deck when we come to see you in April?
That looks like so much fun. Your flowers are so beautiful. The snow has finally melted and we can see the daffodils and tulips coming up.

Bree said...

Oh so fun! Look at your cute family in your cute house on your cute deck! Can I come for dinner?
Miss you!