Sunday, February 18, 2007

my mania

So I've been driving myself crazy with a billion little home projects/ideas pinging around in my head and finally this week I completed a minor thing and hung something on our living room walls.

I love these pics of the googles and having this one little nook of the house done has brought me at least a days worth of peace.

Also presenting an original Ansel Grant Adams Skousen in the kitchen. I love love this photo Grant, and who knows with all the people in high places I have roaming through my kitchen and this fine blog, you are sure to be a famous photoman in no time.

and happy day, we finally got the swing up--Roo loves it, Delberd....not so much. Check out the video here

This week I plan to paint a bathroom and hang some more photos in the hall. Also we decided since it will be awhile until we can tear down the garage, I'm going to make a play house out of the side room and turn the garage part into a studio. I'll do some before and after pics soon.

Here are some shots of the girls favorite part of the house, the hall. They love getting all garbed up and being chased down the hall by anyone, but especially their dad.

Luke and Lea here--Roo has convinced Deli to enthusiastically play her male cross dressing counterpart in any and all pretend sequences. Delnard hops about in her gowns yelling "I'm Luke," "I'm Wesley," "I'm Jafar," or "I'm Micheal"


maplea9 said...

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Granda said...

Dear Bright and Shining Faces,
I am always amazed with delight at how you can catch the girls' joyful smiles and sparkly eyes in the kodak moments. It is so much fun to have your own space and ponder and fuss and chew on and dream about a project. Our basement has simmered in its juices for over a decade now; hmmm....The video of the maiden voyage of the swing didn't upload for me ?

TippettsFam said...

House is lookin good! It's hard work trying to pull a look together... i always take forever to make a decision on anything house related and then once i do, i worry i won't like it the next week. oh the trauma... much emotional support is needed in this area... another good reason for us to live by each other! ;)

Love the vids. can't wait to show lu and tom tomorrow... fun!