Wednesday, January 31, 2007

a 30 years of Leslie


(Me and Les taking a nursing break on the way up Wheeler mountain)

Years and years ago before I headed off to London and Les off to Russia, Leslie made me the most wonderful book of quotes to take with me. Each page is designed differently, made perfect with Les's great handwriting, one hundred quotes in all. Each quote was like a little piece of this great friend I got to take with me wherever I went over the years. I can't tell you how many times I used one of these quotes to try to comfort or inspire someone but most of all myself. Leslie is one of those people in my life that liberates me, she is so true to herself and always has been. She has such a great heart and the uncommon courage to follow it.
To celebrate 30 years of Leslie I picked four quotes from the book of quotes she gave me that most remind me of my fearless, loving friend and sister. I love you!

We also have two songs to dedicate to you one from Deli and one from me and also a "hey big spender" past blast

I wish I had more scandalous pictures to post but they're all back in Utah next year I will get you back Les!

Les helping Tom and me with our engagement photos, she suggested that I pose standing on Tom's shoulders

Les and fam at the Shakespeare festival



Pam said...

That Birthday song for Leslie by Adelle was the most charming performance I have seen since Tess's static electricity Christmas gala! Check out Janet's post for 30 awesome memories of Leslie on the Lewis's blog. I can't wait for the blonde China-girl to read all this fun family news especially since she just landed in Taiwan and is drowning in Mandarin.

Pam said...

Janet's blog address is
I forgot to include it.

TippettsFam said...

Sarah, You are too nice! I feel like I don't deserve all of those nice things you said about me!!! I truly am so lucky to have you for my sister.

First of all, the video of Deli was so great... I love it so so much! THANK YOU DELI!!!! I miss you! --And I love, love, loved the peek-a-boo many memories! --I cannot believe that you still have that thought book from way back when... I'm sure if I were to look back through it now, I would be gagging myself at most of the stuff in there ;) fro some reason, at that time in my life all of those thoughts seemed important and relevant somehow.... Anyway you made my day!!! Thanks for always being there for me! I feel like I'm going into round two of life, and am so happy that I still have you to go there with... here's to many, many fun times ahead!!! LOVE YOU!!! Les