Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Tess and Tommy

I asked Tess, "what is your favorite thing about Tommy?" She said "That he was born on the same day as me."

Last year they got to spend their b-day together and have birthday cake at Mozarts in Austin

I told Tess she was the best birthday present I've ever had. She looked at me for a second and then said "yes... and you were the box"


TippettsFam said...

HAppy birthday TESS!!!! We love you! Wish we could celebrate with you this year just like last! kisses and loves.... from, Aunt Leslie

elle said...

happy crismis and happy brthta and a happy noo yir i love you tess you and adel or my onlee cosins wen is adels brthta i olretee no wen your brthta is janyooeree secind on tommys brthta love elle

TippettsFam said...

dear tess, i love you so much because i will be able to play with you and won't you be my friend again... when will I see you again, because I want to see you again because i really love you and.... that's it. love tommy

sue said...

Tommy- I love you too, I will come to you soon tommy. Merry Christmas to you. I love you sharing a birthday with me! I wish I could come today, maybe on Monday. I'm sad that elle couldn't share a birthday with us too. I will send a package maybe for your birthday. Now you are 5 and I and 5 too and that is it
Is Sosh growing up too is his birthday soon? when is soshy's birthday? I love the way you be silly and the way you hug me
love Tess

sue said...


Adelle's birthday is MArch 22nd. Elle do you remember what my face looks like? I will come soon.I love you Elle I do
love Tess

Granda said...

Dear Tessie,
Seeing the photo of your 1 year old birthday reminded me of how you would stand at the door of that second-floor apartment and pound on the door glass as we came up the stairs yelling your name. Isn't it cool that your mom caught the candle flame in the picture. You are still such a beautiful girl.
Love, Granda