Friday, September 29, 2006

Goodbye Austin

It’s been a week since we left Austin and our carefree life behind. Today I was talking to a new friend and when I mentioned how sad we were to leave student housing she started to laugh. I felt a wave of student housing snobbery come over me. We will miss all our dear friends the casual evenings sitting outside watching the kids play and talking about movies, politics and the superiority of Mexican Coca-Cola.


Mom said...

So, when did Adelle earn the Boo moniker? I'm reading To Kill a Mockingbird to my class and they are all intensely interested in Boo Radley. Didn't you start calling her that last spring?? Great name for the web site, Sarah. All the photos are priceless.

Heiderhead said...

Ode To Austin:
Oh oh. Sighs and swooning! Yes goodbye earthy, rolling, unassuming Austin. Home of the Whole Foods ( not that they haven't got it in Dallas but the HQ! the HQ!). I shall always remember you fondly and feel the tightness in the belly remeniscent of when you filled me to the brim with your varied and delectable offerings. Adieu, for now. We'll meet again sweet Austin, even if it's just for a Salty Lick or Creme Brulee frech toast.