Friday, December 22, 2006

Roo and the mullet

Roo is in this singing group that has performed over the holidays at various little Christmas venues. Here is video of one of our favorite Roo moments, see how she copes with a static hair attack.
At one of her performance we ran into this guy who proves that everything is bigger and better in Texas--even mullets
He has really got me thinking...what is the motivation behind a mullet? Of course there's the obvious sex appeal but what else?


Anonymous said...

Dear Tess,
Heidi and I were charmed by your wonderful performance. How did you learn all those signs? We are so proud of your stage presence and how you continued to sing and sign even though the static electricity in your hair stole the show. are the Texas Diva!
Love you as big as the Lone Star,
Granda and Heidi

TippettsFam said...

Good thing you were at an event so the guy didn't know you were actually snappin pics of him!! Oh how I hope the mullet comes back!