Friday, November 03, 2006


A few days before Halloween, the girls and I made a cake to donate for the cakewalk at our church's halloween party. Unfortunately neither of girls won a cake in the cakewalk and they decided to torment the family who won our cake until they invited us over the next day to have a slice with them (Boo Radley ran over to the 33 year old male winner and yelled "hhheeyyy that's MY cake").

Halloween night. I gave in and let Roo princessizes herself, even eyeshadow. Boo was suppose to be a witch (again) when she decided disco fit her mood better, the wig only lasted two houses before it was too scratchy. After 20 minutes of trick-r-treating Roo stated she had plenty of candy and was ready to go home (not her mother's daugther obviously).


Tippettsfam said...

Love the cake! ...are those spiders spotting it? So cute that delle was so attached, and felt offended someone else was running off with it!!!

Granda said...

When Tom was in the 4th or 5th grade he made a cake for the Westside school cake-walk and decorated it with Barbie body parts sticking out of gray frosting....yes, she was decapitated. I'm glad to see that Tess and Adelle have more "taste". However, I don't remember him stalking the winner of his masterpiece.

scsc said...

Thanks for the photos of the girls and your witty comments/descriptions of some memory making moments!

You know me - I was especially delighted by the dancing on the deck !!!

Michelle said...

The girls look so cute! Siera was a clown this year and Jake was "Odd Job" from James Bond. Nobody knew who he was, but HE did, so it didn't matter. Lot's of fun. Hope we can get out there soon, but since Jared just made the Alta basketball team, and Josh is on the Alta wrestling team, Siera and Jake are playing basketball, and of course, Nicole is busy with college, I think it will be awhile. Looks like a wonderful house and a great place to raise a family! Just wish you were closer, but we are really excited for you guys! Love ya! Michelle