Thursday, October 12, 2006

Corny Dogs

These two photos pretty much sum up our Texas State Fair experience. We ate our way through the fair--corny dogs (a fair classic), fried cheese on a stick, turkey leg (what Boo is eating) fried cheesecake, funnel cake, fried coke, chalupas, ice cream bars, sausage on a stick and lots of Diet Coke. Roo was in the pee-wee stampede and even won a ribbon for her lively gallops during her designated event, barrel racing with a stick horse. More pics... oh and the 1200 lb pig


Granda said...

Holly had such a fun time at the State Fair. Next year I want to come over the UEA holiday break. I heard an interview on NPR with the fellow who won a prize for the fried coke. I think he was a computer programmer in his
former life.

Granda said...

Dear Tess and Adelle,
I used to go to the Bear Lake County Fair with my Grandma and seeing your pictures brought back so many memories. I would stand on the fence surrounding the pens of the huge pigs and try to figure out which one was Wilbur and where was Charlotte's web?
Tess, did you find a lion to ride on the merry-go-round, like the one you rode at Lagoon?
Adelle, did you eat all of that turkey leg???? Wow.
Love you, Granda

Bree said...

Leave it to you to buy a turkey leg at the fair! When we were at the Utah County Fair and DisneyWorld, I kept asking Matt what sort of crazy person finds that Turkey Leg appealing enough to purchase it and then eat it??? I now have my answer!!